Mobility forms the backbone of our lives. We leave the house, we move around – whether to go to work, the shops, the doctor’s or just for a walk. Therefore, the City of Flensburg would like to use the survey to find out more about the routes you travel, the type of transport you use and how you judge the traffic conditions. The findings and suggestions gathered in the survey will provide an up-to-date basis for ensuring that Flensburg's transport planning focuses even more closely on the needs of the people of Flensburg in the future.

The Master Plan Mobility 2030 already formulates a comprehensive strategy for mobility and transport development in Flensburg. Guidelines, measures and goals – oriented towards future demands and challenges – have been defined. Within this framework, the City of Flensburg has set itself the goal of further developing transport in Flensburg in a climate-friendly and sustainable way and thus also improving quality of life in Flensburg. In order to check the effectiveness of the Master Plan and to update its parameters, a regular survey of mobility behaviour in Flensburg is conceived as an integral part of the Master Plan. For this purpose, a total of 15,000 households in the City of Flensburg are to be surveyed about their everyday mobility in the upcoming mobility survey.

The mobility survey will be conducted from 14 September to 30 September 2021 as an online survey or optionally as a written postal or telephone survey. A total of 15,000 randomly selected households will be contacted. All households that receive a letter by post can participate.

On these pages you can find more information about the objectives, the procedure and the process of the survey. In addition, answers to Frequently Asked Questions are posted here. The results are expected to be available on this website in early 2022.